Resources for Buenos Aires Expat Entrepreneurs

So you’ve recently moved to Buenos Aires or your thinking about it and you want to get connected with the local expat scene. Getting to know people and building your network of friends and colleagues is one of the most important things you’ll need to do. Here are some resources to help get you started.

Entrepreneur and Startup Related Groups/Events

Start-Ups Buenos Aires – I host this free networking event every few months which is a great place to meet other foreign and local entrepreneurs as well as people looking to network, find jobs or just grab some drinks for friends.

Lean Startups Buenos Aires – If you haven’t heard about the Lean Startup you should definitely do some research. This local group meets about once a month with the goal of discussing Lean Startups. The meetings often are in English and are also limited to 30 people which gives you a chance to get to meet all the attendees and many plenty of opportunities to ask questions. After every meeting they head out to a local bar for drinks.

Palermo Valley – Is by far the biggest event I know of that meets regularly; about every two months. Often times they have speakers or host elevator pitches with a panel that provides feedback. They’ve recently starting hosting smaller morning events which I haven’t had the opportunity to attend yet. The events usually attract about 200 people and there are free drinks for an added bonus. It’s only in Spanish but you’ll meet plenty of expats or English speakers there.

Temporary Office Space

Areatres – Has desks and private offices for rent in Palermo Soho and Hollywood.

Urban Station – Also provides desks and I believe even rent them by the hour. Located in Palermo Soho.

General Expat Resources

The following are some good resources to network or find information related to living as an expat in Buenos Aires.

Internations – They host events every month or so and attract a large expat crowd.

BA Life – Also events every month or so. Gatherings tend to be a bit smaller with more mature attendees mixed between English speaking Argentines and expats.

BA Newcomers – Fairly active Yahoo! Group. Sometimes it gets bogged down in petty political fights or flames but in general it’s a great resource. If you search the archives you can also find a wealth of information.

BAExpats – Online forum dedicated to expats in Buenos Aires.

I intentionally left out blogs on living or relocating to Buenos Aires just because there are so many and this page would quickly become outdated. Please let me know if you know of any good general resources or recurring events that would useful for entrepreneurs in Buenos Aires.