Choosing a name for a Mexican business is a pain in the ass

So you’ve got a lawyer or a notary and you’re ready to start the fun process of setting up a local Mexican business. One of the first steps that you’ll need to take is to choose a name for your business. My lawyer asked me to provide 5 possible names. Supposedly names get rejected if they’re offensive or could possibly be confused with other names of businesses that already existed. So I provided

  • EasyBroker
  • EasyBroker Mexico
  • EasySolutions
  • EasySoftware
  • Easy Software Solutions
 Unfortunately every one of them was rejected so I submitted
  • EasyBroker Solutions
  • EasyBroker Software
  • EasyBroker Soft
  • EasyBroker Soluciones
  • EB Solutions
  • EB Software
  • EB Soft
  • EB Soluciones

And all of those were rejected so I then tried

  • EZ Software
  • EZ Software Solutions
  • EZ Solutions
  • EZ Soluciones

And finally the Secretary of Economy authorized  EZ Software as our business name. Fortunately I like the final result but it’s frustrating that you’re given no reason why names are rejected. Also the names have to be submitted by a notary with a turn around time of about two to three days so it took about almost 2 weeks to just have the name of the business authorized.

What’s the point of this? In Mexico, as in most places, the name of the business has nothing to do with trademarks so it’s not an infringement issue. I’m also positive that no business exists with the name EasyBroker Solutions in Mexico but there is probably just one other business with the word easy in it. It’s just one gringo bitching but these frivolous matters add to the complexity of doing business and ultimately just waste time and resources.

  • smccr

    Once you got a name, what type of business entity did you choose for incorporation? SA, SRL or SAPI? Any advice?

  • enortham

    I ended up incorporating as a SAPI. Supposedly it’s easier  to work with multiple investors that have different rights. I also asked two Mexican VCs and they both recommended SAPIs.