Pimp out your Friends with Facebook Photo Tag Spam

Crazy Tasty SpamYou receive the Facebook message stating that you’ve been tagged in a photo. Of course you have to open it wondering whether that friend took some embarrassing blackmail worthy photo of you. You open it only to find to your surprise that it’s not a photo of you but an advertisement. You’ve just been photo tagged pimped out! Even worse a few of the 30 other tagged friends leave a comment or two asking questions about the annoying advertisement which causes more messages to flow to your inbox.

Tagging photos of your friends is an easy but mischievous way to get a message out to a lot of people. Not only do you grab the attention of the spammed friend but you pimp him or her out because by default in Facebook any photo you are tagged in will also show up on your wall, your photos and Facebook’s status updates. So now the friend spammer has potentially reached the 30 tagged friends and all of their friends’ friends. That’s a lot of people.

So how do you deal with your Facebook pimp friends? Of course you could just remove the pimp as your friend but what if you want to remain friends with the pimp. He or she might be a friend in real life. After all, other than their poor Facebook manners they might not be all that bad and you may want to continue to see their photos, status updates and invite them to events. You could write them and explain the malice of their pimp ways or even write a blog post such as this but I’m guessing most of you would prefer something less dramatic and time consuming.

Unfortunately their are no privacy settings in Facebook that allow you to limit specific friends from tagging photos of you in Facebook. Until Facebook comes up with a better solution you can take the following two steps.

1. Report the photo as spam – Open the offending photo and click on Report This Photo. Choose the Advertisement/Spam and hopefully the pimp will get a spanking by Facebook. It’s also anonymous.

Facebook Photo Tag Spam2. Remove the tag of yourself – Click on remove tag so that the pimp wont be able to pimp you out to your friends.

I hope these tips help send a warning to the photo tag pimps of the world so that they clean up their undesirable Facebook behavior. Please let me know if you have any other tips on how to avoid Facebook photo tag spam.

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  • Thanks to Wicho for the Spam photo