Colonia, Uruguay

Uruguayan Flag in Colonia

Colonia is a small city in Uruguay that is about an hour from Buenos Aires by ferry. I went there a few weeks ago (I’m really behind on keeping this blog up-to-date) with a friend. Round trip tickets cost just over $60.

Colonia is a costal town with many cobblestone streets, great views and a much slower pace of life than in Buenos Aires. I highly recommend renting a scooter for the day. When we arrived all the scooters were rented in the rental shop right in front of the ferry station. Which was very fortunate for us because just outside the station there are a several rental shops with much nicer scooters for about two third’s the price. Anyway after taking our scooters out for a test drive we drove down to the waterfront and had a nice lunch outside at a waterfront restaurant. We then spent most of the time racing around Colonia. Since everyone seemed to drive several kilometers less than the speed limit it actually felt like we were going fast.

After lunch, we rode around the city taking pictures of everything and stopping at each of the tourist attractions. Colonia has several beaches, you can rent horses, and there are a ton of great places to just grab some coffee or sip on matte. For those who don’t know matte is a container that holds tea that you add hot water too sip and then add more hot water and so on. It is one thing that Argentina is well known for. The Colonians however seem to have outdone the Argentineans because almost everybody old enough to walk was carrying one.

Despite the extra expense I enjoyed my one day in Colonia more than Tigre. It’s another great one day trip from Buenos Aires.


Lighthouse with Our Scooters in Front

A Little Scooter Offroading

Kids Sliding Down a Hill on Cardboard Sleds

Kids Indulging in the Local Drug (Matte)

One Beautiful View from the Streets

One of the Many Antique Cars Still in Use

Sunset by the Shore

Sunset a Little Later

Yours Truly with World Renowned Traveler James (aka James y Queso)